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About Makwa Resourcing

We are an Aboriginal-owned and -operated business in IM/IT professional staffing services in Canada. As a genuinely Aboriginal company, we have a real interest in creating a sustainable and diverse workforce made up of ambitious, professional and skilled men and women.

MAKWA Resourcing Inc. (MAKWA) is a PSAB Certified and recognized by the Federal Government as an Aboriginal firm. We are an Information Technology/Information Management (IT/IM) company providing professional consulting staffing services to the public and private sectors including the Canadian Federal Government, notably in the National Capital Area.

MAKWA Resourcing Inc. (MAKWA) has been in business since March 2009. We have responded to several RFP opportunities where we have proposed various TBIPS, TSPS, THS and ProServices categories, which resulted in winning Federal Government bids. We at MAKWA have been able to achieve this result by focusing on finding the right resource at the right time at the right price for our clients.

MAKWA Resourcing Inc. (MAKWA) team members specialize in assisting organizations in identifying and responding to small and large business opportunities. Our team works with our clients to evaluate opportunities, assemble total solutions, determine, locate and/or supply the team resources, establish partnership strategies as required, and finally to develop the required proposal documents. MAKWA Resourcing specializes in responding to Requests for Proposals (RFP) from Canadian Federal, Provincial, and Municipal governments.

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Wendy Roberts
Founder / CEO
Clay Berndt
Webmaster / Systems Admin
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Now Hiring
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