Many of the positions offered by Makwa Resourcing Inc. are contract opportunities for the Federal Government. Most of these positions will require some level of a security clearance. It validates that you are believed to be trusted to handle positions with access to sensitive information. The process typically includes fingerprinting, a look into your history, a criminal background check, a potential credit check, and more.

Security clearance levels
There are different levels of security clearances, each of which requires an assessment by CSIS:
  • Reliability status (Also known as Site Access)
  • Secret (Level 2)
  • Top Secret (Level 3)
  • Enhanced Top Secret (Also considered Level 3)
How to obtain a security clearance

Security clearances cannot be obtained through personal initiatives. A government department or agency will need to request it. If you are interested in one of our positions and do not yet hold the required security clearance level, please reach out to us. We have a designated Company Security Officer (CSO) on staff capable of processing your application.